Sprocket-Smitten: Luiza Chelaru and Exposed Sprocket Holes


Shooting sprocketed photos is an obsession for many seasoned Lomographers, but one of the community’s younger ones got hooked early. Meet 17-year-old Luiza Chelaru, who curates stunning sprocket snapshots in a dedicated blog called “Exposed Sprocket Holes”.

Sprockets are among the most coveted techniques and effects in the analog world, much loved for its undeniable and inescapable charm. No wonder 17-year-old Luiza Chelaru from the United States got hooked and smitten early in her analog life. Our young Lomographer does not only take sprocketed photos; she also curates interesting sprocket photos from all over the world in a Tumblr blog called Exposed Sprocket Holes. What drives her to perform this labor of love? Luiza tells us through a short interview below:

Aside from sprocket hole photography, Luiza also constantly dabbles in a photographic printing process called cyanotype. Her cyanotype self-portrait above is just one of her many beautiful works! Photo via Faith in Chaos, Luiza’s personal Tumblr blog.

1. Tell us something about yourself.
I am a high school student and an avid photo fan. I experiment with different media and try to stretch the borders of the term ‘photography’ and much as I can, though my passion lies in traditional analog photography; I wouldn’t trade my darkroom time for anything else.

2. Why did you decide to create a blog exclusively for sprocketed photos? Is there a story behind “Exposed Sprocket Holes”?
There are plenty of blogs dedicated to different types of photography, but I couldn’t find one that features sprocketed photos exclusively. I really like the effect and decided that a blog that spotlights it is necessary.

3. When did you start the blog?
November 2010.

4. Do you have any favorites from all the sprocket photos you have featured/accepted on the blog?
They’re all unique and have something going for them, but the ones that stood out the most to me are the 70mm Holga photos like the first two below, and the Battlefield Pinhole Camera photos (third photo below). I love all the photos featured on the blog and am super impressed by the creativity of the artists.

Photo via Exposed Sprocket Holes
Photo via Exposed Sprocket Holes
Photo via Exposed Sprocket Holes

5. Have you taken any sprocket photos yourself? If so, can you tell us something about them?
I have (photos below)! I started experimenting with the technique around the same time I started the blog. I finally got my own Holga after borrowing one for so long, so I felt free to alter it to take 35mm and have been shooting with it since.

6. Anything you’re looking forward to photograph in sprockets?
Anything and everything! My camera is always loaded and I carry it with me almost everywhere. Every roll is spontaneous and a surprise, which is what makes it so exciting for me.

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    Way to go Luiza, so proud of you. Emilia

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