It Seems the Past Isn't So Far Away!


A Lomo-Location to intrigue you Californians who enjoy living in the past!

Credits: warrilow-tong

So you like history? Then take a walk down the “birthplace of California”. A quaint little town full of cute old-style market stalls, shops, great restaurants, and plenty of snapping locations. Perfect for that sepia redscale look to add an authentic aged tone!

I’ve always gone to Old-Town on our family vacations to San Diego and really enjoyed it. The general atmosphere of it is great, it’s free, pretty, quaint, full of fun stuff to do: tours of San Diego on old shuttles, candle dipping, great shopping, and good food, especially if you like Mexican food! Just generally a nice day trip out.

Credits: warrilow-tong

Grab your boots and wagons and get exploring to Old-Town San Diego. What’s the worst that could happen?

Credits: warrilow-tong


written by warrilow-tong on 2011-07-09 #places #location #local-flavor #old-town-san-diego-california-lomo-location

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  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    I'd feel the need to scream YEEEEE-HAAAAA! :-)

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