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Inspiration – in particular, inspiration to photograph – comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I’ve found interest and beauty in everything from living people to gravestones at the final resting place. Visiting historical cities like Rome lends itself to photographing buildings and architecture and forms it’s own inspiration. How much of this inspiration then can be found in my local city?

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer of architecture in particular but in any place I’ve visited I’ve been drawn in by buildings new and old. From the ancient buildings of Rome to modern architecture in Brussels (..Atomium?) the size and beauty of some buildings just beg to be photographed.

I was unfortunate to not have been bitten by the Lomography bug before I visited those European destinations so missed out on some potentially great photographs. It was whilst touring my local city looking for some inspiration for another Lomo article I came to realise I don’t have to travel far and wide to see some examples of inspirational buildings.

Nottingham itself is full of architecture both new and old and lifting my head up a little from eye level reveals some gems hidden in plain sight. Walking the streets it’s all too easy to stay at eye level but there are sources of inspiration just waiting to be viewed simply by tilting your head up a little!

There is a striking mix of new and old which resonates perfectly with Lomography and I feel able to capture the essence of the buildings far better with analogue equipment. A little cross processing seems to bring out the best of the modern buildings and at the same time reveal the aged qualities of the older ones.

Have a little look for yourself…

Worth noting is the redesigned Market Square by Gustafson Porter (opened in 2007), the new Nottingham Contemporary arts centre by architects Caruso St John with its lace effect cladding and the Council House with dome rising above the city skyline.

Inspiration can be found in unexpected places too. Venturing away from the city centre there’s still a mix of old and modern to stumble upon. With new apartment buildings and redesigned shopping complexes aplenty you won’t struggle to find something to photograph. Even without a keen interest in architecture you’ll be sure to find some inspiration along the Nottingham skyline.

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  1. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·

    great pictures

  2. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    Nice one, I miss Nottingham! Will be back there in mid-September, hopefully there will still be enough sun for me to shoot.. Anyway, 8th pic is absolutely brilliant!

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