A Feel For Nottingham


On a hot and sunny day I walked around Nottingham with the aim to snap anything that might capture the feel of the city. I had no idea beforehand what I was going to end up with but enjoyed the journey along the way. And what better than a friendly city, an analogue camera and some glorious weather to go snapping.

First stop in Nottingham has to be Old Market Square. It’s easily accessible by bus and tram and of course, it is very pedestrian friendly. It consists of a large concrete area in front of the Council House and is in fact the largest such square in the country. It was recently revamped and now has a large water feature (turned off this day) and a flat space which regularly hosts events. Depending on the time of year you might find a huge wheel, a German Christmas market, an ice rink or even a complete sandy beach! Even when an event is not currently running, the square is bustling with shoppers and a wide range of people socialising. It is very much the hub of the city centre.

Whilst in the Old Market Square be sure to tell your friends “meet me by the left lion”. Put simply, there are two lion statues guarding the Council House and it has been a common place to meet, some might even call it a tradition.

Leaving the lions and heading just off Market Square is a statue of another Nottingham great; the former Nottingham Forest Football Club manager Brian Clough. Here is a man who brought great success to the city including back-to-back European cups. With such outstanding achievements (and since his passing) a statue has been erected in his honour.

Moving on, I wanted to explore the art and architecture in the city. The recently built Nottingham Contemporary seemed to be a good place to start as somewhere I’ve yet to visit myself. On the way though I found two previously unseen gems that stole my attention.

I don’t know if I’ve never noticed or never seen them before but two old British red telephone boxes sat side by side on the street. Although once very popular in the UK, their numbers have reduced dramatically to the point where if I see one it’s a bit of a treat! The second was a seemingly random flower/art installation in the street. I still have no idea what it was for but the street was all the brighter for it being there!

My final destination was the Nottingham Contemporary. It is one of the largest contemporary art centres in the UK and was designed by architect Caruso St John. If you find yourself in Nottingham, particularly the Lace Market area, it’s worth popping in to view some of the featured exhibitions. Whilst in the area, be sure to explore some of the many city centre churches including the Pitcher and Piano. It might still look like a church on the outside but inside is a modern and spacious bar. Unfortunately building work meant a picture wasn’t possible.

So that’s it, a little feel of Nottingham. From meeting places and hidden pieces of traditional Britain to local heroes and contemporary modern art, you’ll be sure to soak up the local charm if you venture into this lovely city. Just grab your favourite camera and have your own urban adventure!


written by veato on 2011-07-11 #places #location #urban-adventures #city-urban-telephone-art-square-lion-clough

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