Food and Drinks at Nottingham

If there are two things I don’t mind venturing into the city for it’s shopping and eating/drinking. There’s so much choices in Nottingham that it seems everyone is catered for. From run of the mill take-a-ways to ostrich burger bars fine dining you’ll be spoilt for choice.

This is essentially a cop out. From all the eateries, bars and coffee shops in Nottingham I’ve avoided the likes of Cookie Shake and Mmm Deli and decided to write about two bigger chains. I feel like this is a bit of a cheat and it’s doing an injustice to what the article was supposed to achieve. If I put my hand on my heart though and choose two places in the city I love to eat and drink then it’s these two.

Today’s trip to Nottingham started with a stop at Costa. We’d gotten out of the house quickly in the morning so we missed our morning cuppa! Forget Nero and Starbucks, I much prefer the coffee in Costa. I have to admit to being a caramel latte kind of guy normally but this day was hot. Very hot. There’s nothing better on days like this than an iced coffee. Order: 2 x coffee cooler mochas.

Of course there are lots more places in Nottingham to get a coffee or any drink for that matter. There’s a plethora of chains and independent stores and if Costa isn’t your thing it won’t take you long to find an alternative.

Drinks were followed by a spot of shopping and lunchtime soon came. Pizza was mentioned and with that there was only going to be one option; Zizzi. I know it’s another chain and not a hidden and unheard of indie kitchen but I’m a sucker for anything Italian and out of every Pizza I’ve eaten in the UK, Zizzi’s are the most authentic.

Don’t just take my word for it though. There are so many choices you might have a hard time deciding where to eat and I’m sure Nottingham won’t disappoint.

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