The Beautiful Riverside Gardens at Webbs of Wychbold

The beautiful Riverside Gardens at ‘Webbs of Wychbold’ are at first glance, hidden away from the otherwise busy garden centre and restaurant. Tucked away behind carefully planted trees and flowery hedges, they are both serene and visually stimulating, bursting with colour and textures! As you meander through their various pathways and gardens, you are treated to a wide range of British flowers, plants and trees, just begging you to photograph them in all their blooming glory.*

  • Best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon, accompanied by friends, cameras, and an armful of film!
The New Wave Gardens filled with wild flowers.
We loved the contrast of the purpley blue wild flowers next to the bright red poppies.

I had always known that the Riverside Gardens were part of Webbs of Wychbold but I had ignorantly assumed they would be bland floral arrangements dotted with benches to entertain the coachloads of elderly people who visit this Worcestershire tourist attraction everyday. Recently however, I had reason to check them out in more detail as a possible venue for a school trip and was blown away. I immediately planned to return the following day armed with my camera and Lomo friend Squamy who was eager to use her new La Sardina)

The small pond that was home to the Moorhen and her babies – so cute!
The tiny pathway through the tall and confoozling Bamboozelum.

We loaded our cameras with film and happily snapped our way through the Wisteria Walkway and the gorgeous circular Spectrum Garden which ‘starts with red on the left, and continues in a clockwise direction through pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and back to purple’. After wandering through the imposing vertical lines of the Bamboozelum we found ourselves crossing a small bridge into a stunning meadow filled with tiny blue wild flowers dotted with bright red poppies. It was like something straight out of a perfume advert, and was truly breathtaking. The colours were so vivid in the sunshine and we were pleased to find out that they had turned out that way in our photographs as well!

Squamy and La Sardina enjoying the sunshine and countryside.
The New Wave gardens, taken by Squamy with her fishy friend, the La Sardina.

All in all, we spent a good sunny hour or so, exploring the gardens, enjoying the colours and trying to encourage a moorhen chick to climb into our handbags. With so many pathways, different themes and compositions, the Riverside Gardens have endless opportunities for picture taking. I’d go back time and time again, not just to enjoy the atmosphere but to try out new cameras, films and techniques. If you manage to find yourself in Worcestershire, pop by Wychbold to try out this colourful countryside attraction, and make sure you spare 10 minutes to head into the garden centre restaurant to sample the range of delicious homemade cakes and biscuits!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in our neck of the woods.

Check out the website for Webbs of Wychbold

And their Riverside Gardens page

For even more creative wonderfulness and La Sardina pics, take a peek at Squamy's Lomohome

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