The Park with Rocks

The Park with Rocks is my favorite park in Constanta. However, this is not its real name. I have been calling it by this name since I was little, as this particular park is full of large rocks. But if you look closely, you will find that they are quite special!

The Park with Rocks is actually called “The Archeological Park”. It is an open-air museum placed in the centre of Constanta, very close to the beach. It is situated next to Fantasio Theatre and the Constanta Town hall, on Ferdinand Boulevard.

The park is not very big, but it’s really special. On each alley, between the benches, there are big chunks of archeological engraved stones and other large artifacts. On one side of the park there are the remains of the ancient Tomis stronghold walls. Here you can also find a large map of the Dobrogea region with the ancient names of the most important cities. It’s quite impressive!

Plank with information about the Tomis stronghold wall

When I was little, every rock represented some ingenious machine that had super powers! As I grew older, I have learned to appreciate and respect the park’s artistic and historical value and try to view it as a source of inspiration for my artistic work (be it photography, creative writing or graphic design).

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