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The Diana+ 35mm Back is an indispensable accessory to the Lomography Diana+. Come have a look how far it streches the boundaries of what you can do with your favorite plastic beauty..

The Diana F+ is by far more than your average plastic toy camera. It is a plastic fantastic camera system consisting of countless accessories that can be combined at will. The Diana+ 35mm Back is an indispensable addition to all of these gadgets since it lets you use inexpensive and easy to be developed 35mm film instead of 120 film. Since 35mm film gives you about triple times the exposures than “120 film”: would, you can feel free to experiment and shoot away like there´s no tomorrow.

Nearly every piece of Diana F+ equipment can be used with the 35mm back (everything besides the Instant Back). For example using the Telephoto Lens turns out like this:

The tele effect even is strengthened by the smaller crop due to the smaller negative size while the blurry parts at the frames borders are weakened.

One of my favorite accessory to use in combination to the 35mm Back is the Close Up lens. Including the sprockets into a close up picture just looks cool:

But even excluding the sprockets by choosing the 24×36 mask is an option. You´ll get lab-printable lo-fi pics, without the vignetting but blurry at the edges and with quite nicely saturated colors:

Talking about masks, there is no reason to not remove any mask. You get wide images with sprockets like these:

Another already build in feature is the pinhole option of the Diana F+. Since pinhole always is trial and error and experimental, the 35mm Back gives you a lot more tries than a 120 film to get a good shot.

These are just a few possibilities you have with the 35mm Back. Due to the smaller negative size some characteristics like the vignetting are lost but pictures taken with the Diana+ 35mm Back still stand from the crowd and bear the typical Diana feel.

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  1. camsydt
    camsydt ·

    Hi! I have a question... If you use the 38mm lens with the 35mm Back, how should you frame your shots with the viewfinder? Which viewfinder to use: the one in the camera body or the external one (which you clip on the original viewfinder)? Glad if you could help me! Thanks so much! :)

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