Minox 35 ML


Minox 35 ML

Besides the LOMO LCA, there are a ot of small cameras that you can find on out there. Checking your local fleamarket or the internet, there´s always a cam around that comes in handy and lightweighted.

But now let me tell you something about the smallest production full frame 35mm camera ever made. The Minox 35 – in this case the Minox 35 ML.

Picture of Minox 35ML taken from ==here=="

When this one was sold in the 1980s you have to pay around 1000 Euro to get one. So, it was a quiet fashionable item and a high end product.

Maybe that´s the reason why Andy Warhol was so much into it and started the Minoxography movement.

On the technical side this camera has a 35mm Color Minitar Lens/f 2,8, a focusing range from 0,9m to infinity and automatic or aperture priority exposure.
Shutter Speeds came in from 1/500 to 2s – but if you tape up the CDS Lightmeter they can do much longer.

It also has a 10s selftimer and you can load film from ISO 25 – ISO 1600 (!)

There are also stylish accessories existing to pimp up your Minox.
A well designed Flash a data back or a Close Up Lense are only a few to name.

Since the design was very sucessful a lot of companies try to copy the cam and so there are many “lookalikes” existing. The Kiev 35, the Voigtlaender Vito and the Balda 35 are only a few….I wonder if the spy was using a original Minox to take the pics from the production area and steal it away?

Anyway, since the prices are really dropping down for this model you should really try to get your hands on one – it´s a good and cheap alternative to your LOMO LCA and it let you feel the spirit of the 80s when you have to be a rich guy to own of of these cameras.

written by eyecon on 2008-12-26 #gear #review #andy-warhol #minox-35 #minoxography


  1. patatero
    patatero ·

    the Minox 35 is a great camera, thanks for the review . .

  2. zark
    zark ·

    Nice review, nice cam, got a minox 35 GT myself. Lomographers, save the Ihme Center!

  3. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    when you say "this camera has a 35mm Color Minitar Lens/f 2,8", i am afraid you mean "Minotar Lens" because obviously only Lomo LC-A has a Minitar lens.:)

  4. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    I wanted one of these when i got my Olympus XA2, and its great to hear the prices are dropping ;)

  5. ao1973
    ao1973 ·


  6. ao1973
    ao1973 ·

    One of my favourite camera ever.

  7. merspro
    merspro ·

    just bought one... minox 35 ml
    havent test it yet...
    the f stuck in 8 cant get to 11 up

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