Toys, Collectibles, Cosplayers, and More in Analog!


I make sure I don’t miss the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention usually held around the 3rd week of June. This year was my first time to capture the convention’s interesting people, exhibits, and goodies in film!

Armed with my trusty Nikon FE2, a newly-acquired LC-A+, a loaned Colorsplash Flash, a loaned Fisheye 2 (photos to follow!), and some ISO 400 films, I rushed to the venue as early as I can on Day 1 (June 18), only to find a very long line of people waiting to buy their tickets and get inside. I usually find cosplayers (people who engage in costume play) in colorful, interesting, and sometimes bizarre costumes already scattered around the venue before it opens. So, not wasting time, I asked my co-correspondent sgtpeppy to buy a ticket for me while I looked around for some interesting people to photograph.

Interesting people waiting in line—check!
Got our tickets, so it’s time to go in!

Once inside, we were greeted by the typical ToyCon scene we relish every year—booths, merchandise, exhibits, cosplayers, and tons of people! The annual event does not only celebrate Japanese subculture and Western comic book culture. It’s also a chance for many hobbyists, collectors, and anime enthusiasts to find, acquire, and photograph all sorts of anime and comic book memorabilia and displays.

Credits: plasticpopsicle & sgtpeppy

Through the years, Marvel/DC heroes and Star Wars characters have been among the most popular and most photographed in the convention.

Credits: sgtpeppy

Of course, my co-correspondent and I are among the Star Wars fans! Among my missions every year is to photograph and be photographed with the Storm Troopers!

Credits: plasticpopsicle & sgtpeppy

It’s also one of the biggest events where cosplayers of all ages in the country gather together to show off and get in character through their amazing costumes!

Credits: plasticpopsicle & sgtpeppy

As an added treat, we also came across some people who were shooting around with some analog cameras, amidst the swarm of digital camera users!

Credits: plasticpopsicle & sgtpeppy

It was a fulfilling photographic experience, and I would definitely do it again! See you again next year, ToyCon!

Dear reader, you must have taken your analog babies to an event as well. Why not share your experience and photographs with us through a comment below?

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  1. sgurd4
    sgurd4 ·

    I was at the ToyCon with my Minmei (Fisheye No. 2). :) Good to know I wasn't alone in using an analog camera at the con. LOL

  2. cheese
    cheese ·

    You managed to snap some toys based on the designs of my fav japanese artist, Shunya Yamashita! Love it

  3. sgtpeppy
    sgtpeppy ·

    @cheese thanks! shunya yamashita is one of my favorite designer too! i have one of his revoltech design based on Nasca. :)

  4. cheese
    cheese ·

    @sgtpeppy heh I also have Nasca on my shelf. Coincidently, I just bought his latest artbook, which I received a fortnight ago, which I'm lovin'. Lomography could do with more otaku related stuff.... ;)

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