Chessington World of Adventures

Adventure through the dangerous tombs of Egypt, the treacherous jungle, spooky Transylvania, and many more exciting places – without actually leaving the English suburbs.

Credits: ashdinosaur

I love theme parks. The rides, the elaborate, and often somewhat camp themed locations. I’ve been going to Chessington World of Adventures for years since I was a very small. My mother and I had a tradition: every year on her birthday, I’d take the day off school and we’d go and have a great time. I live almost at the edge of South West London, so it’s just one quick train ride away.

My favourite rides are the log flume “Dragon Falls” and the satisfying “Runaway Train.” Runaway Train has the advantage of being situated near the lovely Kune Kune pigs too.

Credits: ashdinosaur

My favourite area is probably Transylvania, having always been quite enthusiastic about proper Max Schreck/Bela Lugosi vampires. Unfortunately after the revamp (sic) of the “Vampire” ride, it was never as good. Back in ’97 it was thrilling but now it has exceedingly uncomfortable seats that dig into your back and have your head bashing against them as you hurtle along.

I wish I had a picture of the Transylvania Burger King because, and I never thought I’d say this about a Burger King, but it’s beautiful. The design of the thing is fantastic – it really is like a gothic castle with added burgers and fries.

What I really miss is Beanoland, now rebranded as “Wild Asia.” My childhood will never forgive them for changing that.

Gnasher having fun on “Billy’s Whizzer,” which is now “Monkey Swinger.”

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