Do We Love You Miami? Yes, Quite a Bit!

Every year, our beloved Milanese festival Mi Ami reminds us that Spring is waving goodbye and that summer is stepping in! This year, Lomography followed the concerts as well as the throbbing people beneath the stage, capturing those emotions that only music can cause.

A festival can be nothing but fantastic if it is promoted as a festival of “music and kisses.” And to tell you the truth, it lived up to its word! Good vibes, smiles and lots of people waiting to be transported away by musical notes accompanied by Italian lyrics. We couldn’t keep our cameras from clicking away frenetically.

We even bumped into Lomographers, the ones who won the competition (this comeptition!), and got tickets to feast on so much great music!

It was great. Revisiting the the shots still gives us the chills…

written by alessiab on 2011-06-29 #news #music #concert #milano #lomography #italia #news #mi-ami #miami-festival
translated by webo29

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