Seoul Art Centre, South Korea

Art exhibitions, theatrical performances and a variety of other events fill this place 365 days a year. It is the very heart of everything related to art in Seoul. Yes, we are talking about the one and only, Seoul Art Centre

Everyday there is a different event going on in the Seoul Art Centre. You’ll often find performances in the opera house or exhibits in the museum. And the Fountain Square is always the perfect place to chill out. Wherever you are, you’re always guaranteed that you’re in for a treat!

Autumn, 2010 (Lubitel)

Entrance to the Opera House is free! Inside you’ll find a small theatre for opera and theatrical performances, as well as musicals and concerts!

Summer, 2011 (LC-Wide)

Nowhere in the world can come close to the feeling of when you see a performance here. It’s truly a remarkable place. And that’s why it is the first choice for performance venues for world-class musicians!

Summer, 2011 (LC-Wide)

This picture was taken at the Fountain Square, an event where 3355 people showed up to watch the fountain and enjoy the music.

Summer, 2010 (Diana Mini)
Summer 2010 (Diana Mini)

When you are here you can also pay a visit to other events such as galleries held at the museum and the Academy of Fine Arts, Music and Humanities.

If you are interested in visiting and are keen to find out more visit:

Autumn, 2010 (Lubitel)

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