Glasson Dock, Peacefully Busy


Want somewhere that’s quiet yet busy? Pretty yet industrial? Remote yet only fifteen minutes away from a busy city? Look no further than Glasson Dock.

I live in Bolton, an English town that is not particularly pretty. Nor is it particularly quiet. It can get you down sometimes, living in such ugliness and noise. It’s times like that we need to get into the car and head out to somewhere quiet, somewhere with a big sky above our heads.

Glasson Dock is situated on the River Lune in the North West of England, just down the road from Lancaster (and only 40 minutes or so from Bolton). At one point it was an extremely busy North West port, used for the slave trade in darker times. These days it still is a working port, although much quieter.

It’s also a popular destination for tourists at the weekend, when most of the more industrial businesses are closed. You can take a stroll along the canal, check out the locks used for raising water levels or visit the smokehouse where you can buy some great smoked food (I opted for some very tasty smoked Lancashire cheese).

Just across the road from the car park are dramatic views across the estuary to Lancaster and it’s also possible to see Heysham Power Station too (I think that’s what I saw anyway!) It really is a great little spot to visit and there is an abundance of things to photograph. Sparkling water, clear blue skies, and lots of visual stimulation – what’s stopping you? Get in the car and drive!

written by panchoballard on 2011-07-19 #places #canal #england #boats #location #docks #lancashire #escape-from-the-city

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