Salvador Dalí and the Diana Mini White

2011-07-15 2

I think a photographic memory is something people are born with. Hopefully, it’s something they die with too. When you combine a photographic memory with a degree in Art History, some quirky things begin to happen.

Take this little example here.

Recently, Lomography launched the Diana Mini Flash Package White. Somehow, through random photographic association and a touch of creative imagination, my brain put one and one together and got…well two!


You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m on about so here goes:

In my head, the Diana Mini Flash Package White looks a lot like Salvador Dali’s White Lobster telephone:

via The New York Times

It’s a little odd I know, but so was Dalí, so I thought why not share it with all the other quirky Lomographers out there?

Salvador Dalí & Gala Dalí by Cecil Beaton, vintage bromide print, 1936. Photo via npg

According to Wikipedia, there are six all-white versions of Dalí’s all white lobster telephone. Three are on public display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, at the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, and at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Portugal.

The Tate, which owns one of the five copies of the more well known black telephone version of the artifact captions it with this text:

via “Lobster Facts”:

“In the early 1930s, Dalí promoted the idea of the Surrealist object, of which this is a classic example. The Surrealists valued the mysterious and provocative effect of such unexpected conjunctions. Dalí, in particular, believed that his objects could reveal the secret desires of the unconscious. Lobsters and telephones had strong sexual connotations for him, and he drew a close analogy between food and sex. He made Lobster Telephone for Edward James, the British collector who was the most active patron of Surrealist artists in the 1930s.”

So what do you think? Is it completely random, or do you see it too?

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  1. michell
    michell ·

    I definitely see it!:) Great article!

  2. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @michell! Super! Thanks! ;)

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