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You could go there any day at any time, except for Mondays "cause it’s closed. It would be the best if you go there

You could go there any day at any time, except for Mondays "cause it’s closed. It would be the best if you go there
in the summertime. You’ll see a sublime, colorful, nasty and dusty cultural space with concerts, theatres, cinema,
raves, parties, good food, a lake, graffities, festivals, political dicussions…….

Rote Fabrik as the name says is an old, red textile factory right by the lake of Zürich, (it’s a lake – even if
some people thought it was a river…)The place was squatted in 1980, as a result of riots and discussions with the
City Gov. about spots and places for young people, students and everyone else to make the “alternative culture”
for accessible for everyone (also financially). So, culture has been made with enthusiasm within all these years…
some can tell… Meanwhile has been supported by the city. That means tolerated, or even accepted.

Two concert rooms, a theatre room, an art gallery, a kindergarten, several music rehearsing rooms, many many
ateliers, a sailing school, some offices, and a dozen other activities on the same playground. There is no boss
running the place, it’s organised in a collective way (with up to 20 – 150 people).

Well I don’t know if anybody wanna know that but, it’s the best if you go in the summer (let’s say July –
September) especially if you wanna enjoy swimming in the lake and eat the delicious food they cook in the
restaurant!! Actually the restaurant is opened every day except for Mondays, the whole year. AND you still can
smoke in there, thankgod. In August there is a big yearly rave weekend and right after that a three week theatre
festival. Spring, autumn, winter are mainly the concert seasons. But about these things it is nice to read from
the website I would take too long to describe who and when played there duirng the last 26 years….
Why I do go there:

  1. I work there, as a light technician for 8 years. So I spend most of my time at (actuallyit’s IN) that place.
  2. Even after years you discover stuff or corners you had never seen before…
  3. I always loved the place since I started to go out when I was a teenie… damned!! Time’s running fastly…
  4. Personal memories related to the place, like concerts played with my band there, or people I have met there, or gallons of- let’s call it liquid – I drank there, uff I don’t even wanna know…
  5. The lake – ahhh – the lake
  6. AND I saw the rear side of it. Like when you turn a pic and then you see the rear side? O.K. there is a forest and a lil’ castle in it, right behind the river which surrounds a tiny island. The castle and the island are connected with a scary hanging bridge… some people with a baby live there… I didn’t know that before…

So if someone is hanging around in Zürich by chance, go and visit the spot, it’s just worth to see it. And from
there you can get information about other places you might wanna visit.

written by eagleye_slives on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #nightlife #location

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  1. haferfloh
    haferfloh ·

    I love the reggae/dancehalls concerts over there. And of course the graffitis...

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