Crazy Colour Filters Tailored for the Instax Mini 7S


Bursts of colour everywhere on a tiny canvas? Yes please!

Being a huge fan of the Instax Mini 7s, I love bringing out the little quirks that it has hidden that you can bring out perfectly with a bit of experimentation.

What you need
- Transparent plastic sheets (the only thing I had lying around the house were old phone screen protectors, and even things like that will work)
- Various Markers
- Instax Mini 7s (of course you could do this with any camera, but I feel like when you do it with the mini, it has a wonderful charm)

1. Take your bit of plastic and colour a random pattern (various colours works great!). Don’t bother being neat because it’ll come out a lot cooler if it’s not.

Once you have a few made, go shooting!

2. Hold the DIY filter up to the lens and shoot away!

Here are some of the funky results that I got:

There are so many endless possibilities, and I’d love to see what the results would be like on other cameras.

written by z on 2011-07-12 #gear #tutorials #color #instax #crazy #camera #tutorial #experiment #colour #filter #mini #tipster #lomography #handicraft #lomogprahy

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