Multiple Exposure or Film Advance?


Every now and then I get in the mood to take multiple exposures just to see what happens. But sometimes I’m after the clarity and definition that get lost a lot with these types of shots. Then again, with a little intention and framing, you can get successful multiple exposure shots!

The biggest difference affecting my choice to go a multiple exposure single frame shot or a multiple frame shot is action. The biggest thing to remember if you’re after clearly defined multiple exposure shots is that the elemental rules of framing your shot don’t disappear just because you’re experimenting. If it’s a still shot and you just want various elements involved, click away in your single shot! With a little thought, you can get a well-framed photo.

Another way of capturing a panoramic-style multiple exposure shot is advancing that roll of film halfway between shots. You don’t need to worry about winding it to any magical halfway mark because it will add an interesting dimension to have these shots staggered within the frame. So remember, anytime you have a need to capture any linear action or a general panoramic shot, forward that film a few notches and you’ll love what comes of it.

Just remember that if you send your film out to get developed, put specific instructions on the packaging to NOT cut your negatives. You’ll have a more success if you can determine how and where to cut them.

written by puechnerbooks on 2011-07-25 #gear #tutorials #camera #multiple-exposure #tipster #lomography #holga #half-frame #gupexperiment


  1. freyfrey
    freyfrey ·

    I love film advance! As a beginner its one of the easiest ways to get really cool effects (which we all are I guess) This was one of my first favourites.…

    I guess they're just another sort of double exposure but with a really different effect and are perhaps easier to frame for beginners. Nice article!

  2. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    Something I like to do sometimes is to expose one shot four or five times. The product is usually a very interesting abstraction. A chaos. My favorite time I did this was in New York City, a spot near Times Square with A LOT of neon signs and lights. The result was as chaotic as the city itself, and it was a good representation of it. But to be honest, I have never dared advance the film only a little. I am afraid I won't be able to scan it right. These beach shots are wonderful. What scanner do you use?

  3. puechnerbooks
    puechnerbooks ·

    I do have an epson scanner that I use. I took these photos before I had any good way to do a continuous scan, so the three pictures of the ocean were actually one long panoramic, but I had to cut them. ouch.

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