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David Ireland is the founder of bpm Magazine and one of the founding members of the Overamerica Media Group at which he is the acting Executive Vice President for the Los Angeles based multimedia/marketing company. Ireland also is the acting publisher for both OMG’s publications which include bpm and Vapors magazines.

David Ireland is the founder of bpm Magazine and one of the founding members of the Overamerica Media Group at which he is the acting Executive Vice President for the Los Angeles based multimedia/marketing company. Ireland also is the acting publisher for both OMG’s publications which include bpm and Vapors magazines. Aside from his many duties at OMG Ireland still actively pursues Djing and is one of the residents at Malibu’s seaside restaurant/bar Moonshadows during the summer season. He is also a LOMO addict with over 45 cameras and no end in sight.

REAL NAME David Carter Ireland – Not to be confused with the other David Irelands out there as there seem to be a lot of us, including an Australian Crocodile Hunter type of fella, it’s true I swear, Google it.
CITY Los Angeles

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing?)
David Ireland: I’ve been a fan of the cameras/ideology since 2002, I actually started off with a Holga and then advanced to the Lomo LC-A+ when my friends from Lomography were good enough to fly me to Austria for the press launch. I have since become obsessed with everything on their site from Polaroid photography to pinhole.

Describe the LC-A+ in five words
DI: Beauty. Eye. Beholder. Accidental. Brilliance.

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had
DI: I would love to say that I was crowd surfing at a Norwegian Death Metal concert in Moscow and got some amazing snaps of the people below me, but that would be a lie. There has been no defining moment or greatest moment, I think for me it’s a collection of moments traveling internationally and taking those quick shots and just knowing you got something interesting. I think the most exciting thing is the anticipation of waiting for the film to come back, sometimes you are surprised and others you are thoroughly disappointed. Lomography is a lot like life.

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).

Your gallery is full of travel photos from what seems like an amazing vacation… please tell us about where you went and any funny stories from your trip.
DI: With the magazine and DJing I’ve been able to go on some amazing trips and meet some incredible people that have all affected my life in one way or another. These images are from Austria, Hollywood, Mammoth Lakes in the Sierras, Cabo San Lucas, Buenos Aires, The Coachella Festival, New York, San Francisco, Venice, Milan and Bassano Del Grappa, Seoul and most recently from my Honeymoon in Grand Cayman.

If you could be anywhere, doing anything, right now > where would it be and what would you do?

DI: I would be down in Nicaragua at my friends incredible beach house riding the point break right in his back yard. Every year he sends me the “bro deal” email and I’m always too wrecked from the sales season to go.

You are the Publisher of not one, but two very cool magazines: BPM & Vapors… please tell us a little bit about these magazines… and if you could, how about a few heads-up tips about what trends to look out for on the horizon?
DI: BPM was started out of my bedroom down in San Diego right after college in December of 95. I had fully immersed myself in electronic music and was really caught up in the whole movement at the time, so I opted to work as a lifeguard and swim teacher to support my zine and DJing habit. After almost quitting several times I finally caught a break and got some investors who pulled me into our new company Overamerica Media Group in August of 2000.

bpm just turned 12 this year so that was kind of crazy, as I still remember having only two dollars for lunch and living on 7-11 coffee and burritos.

Vapors came around in 2004 when the founders approached me about taking over the magazine and putting them on staff at OMG. This was kind of new turf for me but I was immediately drawn to it because it was something completely fresh and I had been really into skating when I was younger. Vapors is also like one of my children now, just like bpm, I still have a lot of passion for both books and the cultures that they cover.

As far as any tips it would be to always look for what’s authentic in culture and latch on to that, too often there are copy cats and posers immersed into a scene just because it’s trendy. Sooner or later after you will be able to spot the real thing and avoid the phonies just on pure instinct. Both bpm and Vapors have weathered many trend storms because they stuck to their guns and are composed of people that truly love the editorial they produce. I think Lomography is the same way, truly authentic, that’s why I love it so much.

You can read the magazines in their entirety online:



The one person (living or deceased) who you would most like to photograph?
DI: Charles Bukowski

The future: analog or digital? Please expand if possible.
DI: I think that trying to figure that out takes all the fun out of it as it’s just really based on opinion and personal taste. I’ve had many a dead-end conversation about the “technology” side of the topic and just decided to finally give up on it. I love film like I love vinyl records, so I will just going on shooting film until it’s no longer available (if that ever even happens) and then dig for the last remaining scraps. I think people that have a lot of passion for Lomography/film are people that just have an overall passion for life. Most Lomographers I know tend to find beautiful moments in the everyday and just love the experience of being moved by life in general. It takes more care and patience to use film, just like it does to find and play records, it’s a passion for the process.

It’s a lot like having a conversation about the new Star Wars films vs. the original Star Wars Trilogy… Hint: If you like the new ones you probably are a digital person.

Your advice to future LC-A+ shooters?
DI: Educate yourself about the film you are using and how light effects the end result. Also take time when you load the film, set the ISO, etc. Once you have gone through all that a couple times you will save yourself a lot of bad rolls and frustration. Film is really cool but it’s also really expensive so the less crap frames the better.

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