Well let’s say for me it’s one of the best sightseeing spots in whole Zürich. In the middle of Aussersihl you can

Well let’s say for me it’s one of the best sightseeing spots in whole Zürich. In the middle of Aussersihl you can
see over the whole old part of the city in one direction with sight on the mountains in good wheather conditions,
and turn 180° and you’ll admire the growing cityborders,expanding further and further.

When to go: You can go there any time, day or night, doesn’t matter. Both is good for lomoing.
What to see there: Dreamy sunsets, delicate sunrises, the wide, wide world, pink mountains in the evening,
traffic smog in the morning, trains you’re not in, urbanity as a state of condition, sense of freedom
( sweet and acerbic, both), don’t stay in the middle of the path because of the bikes….
An unbeliavable, somehow extremely ugly, cement bridge, you would say highway, `cause it’s leading from one side of the train rails to the other. The main traffic runs over that bridge. Cars, busses, trucks, bikes, skates, helicopters and you can even see people walking on it! Incredible! It was built as a temporary solution in the 70es finished in 1982.

There are projects for readjusting it and some others for tearing it down. You can easily understand how everybody
agrees with the latter ones… because somehow the spot is like a tight shoe rubbing a blister, on the other hand
it’s one of the absolutely MUST places to see and visit in the middle of in-dust-trial Zürich. On the Hardbrücke
you will experience on your own body and mind what urbanity really means. Its like a state of mind; you ARE an
unnukable part of it. And it moves! It shakes! It bends itself when heavy transporters roll over it! It is
permitted to do so, on a leghth of 2km…

Do you need a sunset or a sunrise in the middle of the shit? Wanna see the worldfamous Swiss mountains, everybody’s
talking about? Whats the best place for looooong exposure nightshots? Wanna be the cowboy/girl looking over the
country and dreams of an adventurous life and landscapes faraway?

You are the art director of your life ! Do you need the most romantic place for the marriage proposal?
Maybe you need a kick of adrenaline and want to get busted, because you where standing in the middle of the lanes?
Your psychoanalyst is ruining your relationship and you feel the urge of paying him back?
For these and thousands of other reasons you should go and see the worldfamous, brave and selfless HARDBRÜCKE!!
Completely at your own risk. Not in my responsibility!! I told ya!!
None of my business!!! Vaya con dios!

written by eagleye_slives on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #analog #location


  1. blumenkind
    blumenkind ·

    Hab immer gewusst dass die Hardbrücke fotogen ist! Echt tolle Bilder!

    =) Muss unbedingt mal mit der Kamera dort hin!

  2. redfactor
    redfactor ·

    lovely shots!!!

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