Urban Adventures in London Ontario

When I first got my Colorsplash camera I documented this city I live in, The other London, during the first 10 days I was here and decided I would do a similar thing for the last 10 days I will be living here. But what about the in-between time?

In my first article, I documented the first stages of walking around the city using my Colorsplash and said I would do the final stages for when I’m leaving, but I decided to share some of my urban adventures in the city in the meantime.

During my time here I have managed to get a fair few different cameras added to my Lomo collection and I have shot a fair few rolls through these cameras. My favorite at the moment is the Diana Mini. I really like the square format and the lab I go to don’t seem to wreck the film at all so that is a bonus. Here are some photos from the walk in between my apartment and downtown.

The Diana Mini also has the half frame function and I tried this during the winter, I really liked some of the effects you could do with it like making ‘Triptych’ type photos but the whole 72 photos per roll really threw me off, it really does seem to go forever! Here are some of my adventures going to and from the bus stop during winter, because really, you won’t see an Aussie adventuring too much farther than that in Canadian winter.

The muma Diana (F+) gave me some cool effects to play with that the Holga doesn’t which I went out adventuring with my ‘Gary’ the Squirrel and on a Valentine’s Day walk through the very de-saturated urban landscape.

The at around Christmastime, I finally jumped on the Fisheye (2) bandwagon and was very pleased with the photos I took at New Year’s Eve and documenting the end of winter.

Last but not least, my oldest plastic camera, the Holga got to eat a bunch of Lomography 100 ISO 120 films with adventures to far away places and some close, including the local grocery store and seeing how it performs for long exposure night shots. I also finally tried the whole Sprocket sensation with it and, like most people, love it! Here, I have some of my Sprocket adventures at one of the local parks.

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