Round One: LomoPaparazzi Hits NXNE with Melina Mehr

NXNE, now in its 17th year, NXNE has become the Canadian festival destination for new and emerging talent. This year Lomography Canada sent Melina Mehr armed with a LomoPhotopass and a Lomo LC-Wide in hand to access and shoot everything in her path. Check out part one of her story!

I stepped foot into the downtown grounds of North by Northeast Music Festival and Conference (NXNE) on a beautiful Wednesday night, and so began the adventure of hitting venues, parks, and house parties stuffed with spirited people drenched in summer vibes and musical highs. At 11pm, The Rivoli was pumping with energy, awaiting an extravagant lineup of talented musicians, one after another. I caught The Paint Movement, Library Voices, and special guest star Yukon Blonde – and let me tell you, the venue was body to body packed with all smiles.

But I found a different sense of music loving at an AUX rooftop party on Thursday afternoon – Sandman Viper Command and The Balconies rocked out at the edge of a patio to a party of people who were doing the shimmy and shake until the floorboards rumbled waves! In glorious weather, this laid back hangout was more of my thing – folks just chit chatting, enjoying free drinks, and hearing the live playlist of their summer swooning across the rooftop.

When Friday came rolling around, things really went wild. Live In Bellwoods had a lineup of bands playing acoustic sessions at Trinity Bellwoods Park, from the perky songs of Enjoy Your Pumas to the folky soul of Nicholas Doubleyou & the B Squad. An endless collection of bikes were parked against tree trunks and audiences were sprawled out on the grass with picnic food and clapping hands – I don’t know what else could epitomize a better summer session!

That night, the rush was at Sneaky Dees, where Sheezer were closing a show with Paper Lions and Ruby Coast playing beforehand. The entire sector of College and Bathurst after the show had no breathing space because everyone was spending their late night hours catching up, grouping together friends, and inhaling the remnants of a great night.

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