Horizon Kompakt


This camera is like imaginary separation of heaven and earth. Youth dream of many of our parents. In the era of socialism to buy this camera was almost impossible, you could just “get it” by pulling strings.

The Horizon Kompakt camera is really a sensation in the world of photography. Using the features of this ultra wide-angle camera, the photographer can create very interesting compositions. The objects depicted on the horizontal and vertical pictures, performed by the camera, always seem unusual: a surprisingly wide, the dizzying high.

The main difference from conventional Horizon film cameras is that their film gate has a curved shape. Lenses do not have a hard mount and during exposure make a rotation around a vertical axis through 120 and 170 degrees.This easy-to-use compact panoramic camera with a sweeping lens allows for true horizontal angle of 120 and vertical angle of 45. You are guaranteed to produce matchless gigantic panoramas while using standard run-of-the-mill 35mm film cartridges.

Horizon Kompakt – a project of 2005. This is a Modified Horizon-202 camera with a reduced number of excerpts (unchangeable gap in two-speed pan), exclusive version for LSI.This is a very simple camera, even if you’ve never photographed before, you will easily understand what’s what. The “Kompakt” versions has only two settings: “Fast” 1 / 60, which allows to make beautiful outdoor pictures in bright sunlight and the “Slow” 1 / 2 for evening and night photography and indoor. Photograph by day and night, for best results, choose a film with the required sensitivity, 100ASA for the day and 400 ASA for night shots. Be careful when shooting on slide film under bright sun, you need to use filters.

The camera Horizon turned out really cool. The camera has won numerous national and international prizes and has become a popular" diplomatic gift, “which was presented with pleasure by Soviet leaders to high-ranking guests. The peak of this” diplomatic career "can be considered a gift, made by Premier Kosygin to U.S. President Carter. Jimmy pleasure enjoyed the “Horizon,” one of his favorite photographs, had his own “panoramic” picture of the interior “oval” office of the White house .

Night time and Indoor
Black and White

Zenit Camera - Horizon

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  1. analogmonolog
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    omg! i'm dying for horizon :P

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    Stunning galleries!

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    отличная статья

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    Great review and great gallery!! I love my Horizon Kompakt I have since 2006! :))

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    It's a fantastic camera once you learn how to load the film properly and not tear it lol

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    awesome shots!

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    Exxxxcellent !

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    These photos make me want to get a Horizon camera too! T__T

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    да.. камера отличная, давно хочу горизонт)) твои снимки тоже класс!!!

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