Nice Cool Summer = Music + Film Photographs!

Want to enjoy a nice, cool summer with friends? Just leave the air-conditioned room with your Lomo Plastic Friends, then snap, snap and snap! Don’t have any idea about where to go? Let music lead your way!

Right, it’s much more comfortable to stay in an air-conditioned room in such hot weather, but it’s not our style. Lomographers should always be energetic and creative! If you don’t mind sweating a bit under the sunny blue sky, simply put your Lomo Plastic Friends into your bag and enjoy the sunbath at the beach (or anywhere else that you prefer)! You’ll be rewarded with some great shots that you can never imagine!

Don’t have any idea where to go in a red hot summer day? Music can always give you some inspiration!

Here are some of the songs/soundtracks that inspired me with great place to play with my Lomo Plastic Friends!

(1) Spring Scream – by Mayday

Spring Scream is actually a music festival held at Kenting (Taiwan) in early summer every year. Besides Spring Scream, Spring Weave, Formoz Festival and Hohaiyan Rock Festival are some popular music festivals held in Taiwan, which are famous for the hot and rock atmosphere. People from all over Asia (or even further away) come for indie and rock music. Just check out similar functions held in your city and keep your shutter busy while enjoying great music!

(2) No Sleep – by Sodagreen

What are you going to do in a sleepless summer night? Why not grab a Lomography camera, load it with your favorite film, and capture the amazing night scenery? Any Lomographic camera with Bulb setting, the B mode, could be your perfect night out partner!

(3) En Chantant from the album named “Cher Mon Amoureux” by Mondialito

It’s my all time favorite song for summer! The crystal clear feminine vocal and refreshing music makes the perfect choice for listening on the beach, so that we can enjoy the sea breeze under the sun while having a spa for our ears!

Can you feel the fresh summer breeze?
The brilliant sunshine may give your shots a taste of light-leak magic!

(4) So Cold by Cincin Lee

Cincin is a talented Taiwanese musician famous for her music arrangement with characteristic charm. Listening to this song give me the feeling of calm and peace just like meditating underneath water. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

Want an even cooler summer?

Why not dive into the water with your beloved camera and capture every sea creature that you encountered? Oh lala…just don’t forget to protect your LC-A+ with LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing! Alternatively, taking your Lomo Plastic Friends to the Aquarium would be another marvelous idea!

(5) Caramel Waltz in the album named “Fantasia of Tuscany” by Cincin Lee

Summer is the season of traveling. I bought this album at the Paper Dome during my journey to Taichung, and the album is in turn the travelogue of Cincin about her trip to Tuscany. With her Lomography camera, she traveled through Europe; and afterwards, she presented her travelogue with beautifully written songs and Lomographs.

So, why not take your Lomo Plastic Friends and your backpack and start your own journey of inspiration?

Analogue photography, music and traveling are the 3 elements vital to my life. Actually, I have so much to share, but too little time; therefore, my sharing stops here, and more are left for you, and your beloved camera, to explore and experience. And I look forward to reading your sharing soon!

Enjoy a cheerful summer, and lomo on!

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