Nature and Art Combined

About a year ago I moved to the city of Enschede (in the Netherlands) to start with my first year at the art academy that is located there. After a tough year full of hard work, blood, sweat and tears the school year has come to an end.

Since I have been active with Lomography I haven’t made much doubles. So this felt like a good time to start with experimenting with this wonderful way of making your pictures a bit crazier! I set out one day to shoot my first layer, and the second layer I saved for my assessment in school.

Here you can check out the results!

The name of the school I’m on is AKI academie voor kunst en industrie (Academy for art and industry). There are approximately 300 students divided over the 4 years. So its a very small school. In one school year, I get two assessments, one around January (halfway through the year) and the last and most important one in June. The last one is so important because in the first year, the teachers still have the power to ban you from the school of they think your skill level or motivation is not good/ high enough. After you survive the first year they cant kick you out anymore! :)

My first assessment in January was unfortunately not that well documented. So I decided to make lots of pictures at the second assessment in June! As you may have read in the Summary I wanted to experiment with making doubles. So why not at my own art exhibition/assessment in June!

For my first doubles experiment I started reading the tips from this article and started making pictures of nature around the city of Enschede. Because I wanted my first layer to be full of beautiful trees, fields, shrubs, and ponds. I made a couple of trips to discover the flora and fauna of Enschede. But I still haven’t found a nice big forest were you can wander around for hours without walking into other people every couple of minutes :P I found a lot of wide fields though and even a very nice old farm close to the school. They had a couple of old carts which they used to move the stacks of hay (or other stuff i guess…) and it was even possible to go into the farm! here are some pictures of the farm and the carts!

The second layer are pictures taken after my assessment, which went very good by the way! I finished my year with good remarks from the teachers! I really liked to experiment with double exposure. I’m also quite happy with the results I got! And now that my vacation has started, I can spend even more time on Lomography! and learn even more about double exposure! : D

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