A trip to Bristol Zoo with the added extra of finding tiny hats.

If you fancy an ace trip to a zoo, Bristol is where it is at. It’s not all that pricey to get in and has a lot to offer. It actually cost around £10, which for a visit to a large zoo is pretty. We ventured last summer, so although fairly busy, you were still able to see all the animals.

My favourite animal to shoot was the hippo, as he did not move one bit. In fact he was the best sitter I have ever had. A close second was the aquarium part to the zoo, you were able to walk through a tunnel with the water all around and above you. It was incredible if you enjoy sea life, but don’t really fancy diving in the Pacific.

The zoo is pretty good for strolling around and even some playing about. It may have been the heat and the copious amounts of ice-cream, but we invented a scavenger hunt for mini hats left by unaware children. Pretty fun and pretty silly. Give it go!

written by hayleighjoseph on 2011-07-23 #places #zoo #hats #location #urban-adventures #hippos #select-type-of-location

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