The Effects of Music on the Photographic Process

2011-07-16 1

First things first: this is not the scientific article full of facts and numbers that the fancy title up there suggests. Instead, I aim to provide what I hope is some useful information to help your work flow and also provide some directions towards some totally free (and totally legal!) music from mostly unknown artists.

Recently I fell in to a photographic slump, after my visit to London (pictured above) and an entire afternoon spent at my local playground with some Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 I soon began to run out of ideas. While this may not apply to many Lomographers, I personally find my hometown to be quite boring, leading me to take far fewer photographs than I would like to.

After going almost three weeks and only taking about 5/6 photographs (I know! barely any!) I decided that there had to be a way to cure my photographer’s block. After hours of scrawling through the internet to no avail and scribbling every thought i had onto a notebook, I gave up and decided to just chill to some music; which is when I realized that the music was what i was missing.

Listening to the right music can breath whole new life into what you might have previously thought to be a boring area. Having background noises and conversations blocked out will often make composure easier for when you do find a good photo opportunity.

Now, a personal favorite of mine is to plug some headphones in, whack on some chilled tunes and just snap away as I stumble through the city turning left and right at random. Some of my favorite photographs have been taken this way. If anybody fancies giving it ago I have scoured round and found some free (and legal!) downloads that I have been enjoying recently.

First of all is a beat tape by “Analog | Division”, a relaxing and mostly instrumental album with chilling synths and simple drum tracks. (Warning: Album artwork slightly NSFW)
Download/Link (needs WinRAR or similar)

Next is a mellow EP by Freddie Joachim which has to be heard to understand.
Download/Link (direct download, needs WinRAR or similar)

Secret Hangout Vol. 4 is a compilation of some of L.A’s finest Hip-Hop
Download (listen/download individually or as album)

Last, but certainly far from least is a contemporary jazz artist by the name of José James, this album will set you back $10 (or around £7) but is definitely worth the cash. José’ has the sort of smooth voice you just don’t hear anymore.
Download/Link (iTunes)

All downloads are legitimate, though feel free to make donations or buy their other work. Thank you for reading my first article and remember this: Listening to music will stop you from hearing oncoming vehicles, so check LEFT and RIGHT before crossing any road!

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