I Love Summer, I Love My SuperSampler


When the first rays of sunshine knock at my window and wake me up in the mornings, I can hardly wait to go out with some friends to jump around and, of course, to take some cool photos.

Unfortunately, it requires several attempts of jumping until I push the shutter in the right moment when using a normal one lens camera.

But in summertime I love to be active and cannot keep still. The SuperSampler camera was invented for people like me; I’ve never seen such a tiny, sturdy (I can’t remember how often I dropped this camera) and good looking thing before. It fits in every trouser pocket and the strap to wind forwards the film is amazing. Therefore, I love my SuperSampler so much and carry her wherever I go, at least in summer because my darling also has some bad qualities: she is very afraid of darkness and eats only high ISO film when it’s a little bit cloudy outside.

She’s my favorite companion when I have the desire of running, jumping and fooling around! :)

written by elfefee on 2011-07-01 #gear #summer #holiday #review #vacation #lomography #supersampler #film-photography #user-review #multilens-camera


  1. eddieden
    eddieden ·

    this review is great!

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    it's amazing the things you can do with a SuperSampler!!! thinking of getting mine!

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