London Welcomes La Sardina into the Harbour!

The Lomo community had barely got over the arrival of the LC-W before word spread of another new camera soon to hit our shores. Fast forward a couple of weeks and here we are, in the basement of East London’s coolest camera shop turned fishmarket – the Lomography Gallery Store – celebrating the launch of La Sardina, a modern homage to the vintage Kandor Candid sardine tin cameras of the 30s.

It wasn’t even 7pm and party-goers were already piling into the store to see the new camera, or should I say 4 new cameras, with their own eyes. Everyone was impressed with its fun style and funnier level of detail.

For tonight the new LomoLab was being used to mix a different, tastier chemical than the C-41 it usually handles. A fittingly sea worthy cocktail of Rum and Ginger beer.

The DJs stuck to a 70s theme, and I’m not just talking about the music. Their commitment to the role was on another level, from bell bottoms to bowl cuts, they were kitted entirely in the most authentic vintage gear.

Lomographers tried their hands at winning one of the new Sardina cameras. The paddling pool, centre piece of Svala’s awesome stop motion animation, was transformed to a mini lucky dip game. Who could find the winning film canister?

Catrin Fraser Jones was the lucky winner. A new camera just in time for her trip to Cornwall and Portugal.

With retro grooves and drinks flowing, Lomo peeps partied on into the night. And the verdict on the new camera? Well, it seemed like an all round thumbs up!

Check out all the shots from the party (all snapped on La Sardina)!:

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