Top Bloggers Who Use Analogue Cameras: Part 2


After a while of thinking about who to feature in this article, I realised I had too many favourite blogs I want to share, so here is the second part of this article where I share some of my recent favourite bloggers who use analogue cameras (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Mocking Bird:

Mocking Bird is a beautiful blog by Amanda devoted to film photography (and occasionally digital), seeking inspiration in the unexpected, unearthing creativity within the everyday and finding the joy in taking things a little slower. As well as sharing her amazing analogue photography, Amanda also has fantastic tips on how to buy a camera and improve your photography skills.

A Chocolate Moose:

Although relatively new to the blogging scene, this blog is already wonderfully photo heavy, featuring many cameras and displaying a strong passion for something that the writer loves, which is always a delight to see and read.

That Kate:

That Kate is a stunning blog about the photographs that Kate takes, the films that Kate watches, the crafting Kate does and everything else in between. Kate’s cameras seem permanently attached to her, and her photos reflect the simple beauty of her everyday life wonderfully.

City of Blackbirds:

Eadaoin’s blog is a delicate balance of both digital and film photography, with a focus on capturing beauty and light concentrating on nature, cupcakes and everything in between.

Our City Lights:

Our City Lights is the virtual home of the ever inspiring Diana who shares her love of photography, clothes, libraries, her cats, crafts and tattoos through stunning photos on her constantly evolving and dynamic blog.

Red Boots:

Red Boots is a fun, happy blog where Wendy shares her inspirations and her life in Edinburgh through her beautiful iPhone and Holga photos.

Sending Postcards:

Sending Postcards is the travel diary of Alex and Mina who sold their house, quit their jobs, got married in the sun and then travelled the world taking both their digital and analogue cameras with them. With an amazing back catalogue of destinations, photos and experiences, this blog is the perfect one to live vicariously through.

Lady Croissant:

Combining everything listed in the blog header, Adeline’s blog is fun, colourful and happy, which makes the fact that she uses analogue cameras even better, especially as her photos are as amazing as she is.


Poptart is Adele’s fun diary documenting her life, loves and food in a enjoyable and positive way. Through her various cameras, she explores and conquers the world.

Busy Bee Lauren:

Combining vintage clothes, beautiful photos and fun adventures, Lauren’s blog is both funny and captivating.

Other blogs that use analogue cameras you shouldn’t miss include:

Rockstar Diaries:
Daydream Lily:
R’s Adventures:
The Anthology:
Down and Out Chic:
All Things Ami:
Annette Pehrsson:
From Me To You:

PS, I also happen to have a blog where I share my analogue photos. If you have the time after reading through all these, it’s

You can also check out the part one of this article.

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  1. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    Nice article! I wish I would blog more but I feel so weird doing it lol

  2. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    I also have a blog about analogue lo-fi photography, but not as good as the ones you listed in your two articles- mine is still in ist infancy :)

  3. dazb
    dazb ·

    You blog posts (indirectly) highlight an interesting point - there don't seem to be many male bloggers! (unless that's coming in part3!)

  4. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    @dazb I'm not sure if its that there aren't many male bloggers or that I haven't found many male bloggers that use analogue cameras blogs to read yet...

  5. magali
    magali ·

    Oh lovely articles. I have been a blogger for well over two years. It was mostly writing, at first, but my love for analog photography is taking over (I think I've alienated most of my old readers... I am enjoying reading analog photography blogs like these, for now.) I am dropping by your blog too to say hi. :)

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