Giovinazzo (Bari, Italy) a Tour - Part 1: Vittorio Emanuele II Square and the Triton Fountain

The first step over a challenge I hope will seduce everyone is searching for an interesting location in southern Italy. Giovinazzo – Bari, regione Puglia – offers for sure charming places including Romanic architecture, huge social spaces, industrial archeology, sea/sail tradition and of corse countryside folklore.
Let’s start with one of the most famous sites for this little but charming city: Piazza (Square) Vittorio Emanuele, a huge social and achitectural space and the Triton Fountain.

Even after years, the first memory detail for every tourist that has sightseen Giovinazzo is for sure the huge and central square named Piazza Vittorio Emanuele with its monumental Triton Fountain. Like it was the most luxurious sofa in the house, this square is the ideal triangle around which the whole city lays. Here do come all the most important roads… and here every good citizen needs to come every day. A relaxing coffee break in one of the many bars that are opened on the square, a nice talk with some friends, a nice “sunbathing” just surrounded by the warm light of the sun that dazzles around bouncing on the white faces of the builndings or on the great dominican abbey or again above the white pavement all made in “pietra di trani” (a particular pale white, smooth stone).

Or maybe just sit above one of the confortable banches dandled by the water that jumps and dances in the air over the gushes of some watergames in the monumental Triton Fountain sat just in the middle of the square. Huge and austere, bronze and rocks, some muscled and strong fellows that hold over their heads 3 shells surrounded by a braid made of frightening tritons and water sneaks. In the night, enriched by a seducing light and color program, the fountain greets us with a nice present: a magical touch of red, blue and golden lights dancing all over the square.
The enormous Piazza Vittorio Emanuele was built in 1797 over an old sea creek to celebrete the arrival of King Federico IV from Naples and of his bride Maria Carolina. All around over that locations, it was all about rocks and savage countryside. After the construction of the square, the most rich families of the city started the works for the luxurious building that now surround the site. The Triton Fountain came just in 1933 and is still now for the citizens the most distinctive landmark: something to be really proud of.

Every tourist will have to begin is trip from here. Every one will return here before going away! Some advices: have a nice and relaxing coffee in one of the many bars that are opened around there… there’s something for every taste! Have a real pleasure! Just sip slowly, relax and just admire life passing by literally bathed by an unreal white light. Let you gently fall in something that will remind you of a picture by De Chirico – unfortunally you will find no shadows!
Surrounded by that light, I’m sure your lomographic instinct won’t be able to be calm! Don’t worry… after the coffee or before anything else, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the Triton fountain will surely offer you hundreds of little details, tons of seducing prospects, thousands of faces, moments, events that will shout for a lomography over your films!

Please enjoy your trip and have nice time!

written by alekskuntz on 2011-06-23 #places #location #select-type-of-location #art-and-culture

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