Agfa CT Precisa: Favourite Film?

One of the most popular films…right?

Previously, I had read a lot about this 35mm slide film from Agfa. It is one of the most-tagged films at the Lomography website. Eventually I finally found time to buy a couple of rolls of Agfa Precisa.

It has been worthwhile in any case! The film shows its true quality when cross-processed. The colors are extremely intense. It leans strongly towards a light greenish-blue (also depends on the process of developing the film).

It’s also nice that the grain is not too extreme, and remains relatively fine. Good results are delivered with very clear skies and beautiful sunshine, but photos of the night can also captivate with a little flash! Thus, the Agfa CT Precisa is rightly one of the most popular films and will surely find its way back into my Diana Mini.

written by stinketier on 2011-07-06 #gear #35mm #review #slide-film #100-iso #lomography #agfa-ct-precisa #x-pro #cross-processed #diana-mini #diafilm #user-review
translated by jcyx243

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