The Altena Castle

A castle out of a fairytale.

One of the most beautiful castles in Germany is the castle of Altena. It is perched high above the old city of Altena, and is the highlight of a picturesque location. It owes its international reputation to it being the first youth hostel in the world (!) It was opened in 1914. The rooms are still preserved in its original condition and you can even sample life in a bed of straw, if you feel like it.

During a tour of the castle, you can go on a journey through the history of Sauerlan. You get to see how knights and nobles lived in the Middle Ages, how farmers have lived​​, why almost any city in the southern county of Mark is equally burned several times and much more. What’s also worth seeing here are the prison and the so-called hole. The origin of proverbs and interesting objects are also explained – they often have their roots in the Middle Ages.

During the tour you get to see sumptuously furnished rooms, where the nobles lived back then and also a large collection of weapons and armor. There are guided tours for groups, in which you may also try on chains, helmets and see the wells.

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