Escape from the Hustle and Bustle of the City

Where else do you go to if you need a break from city turmoil?

I live right in the middle of a medium-sized city. Very practical for the everyday things of life. Shopping, leisure facilities…everything can be visited by foot. How beautiful!

Nevertheless, it draws me now and then out into the countryside. It is good that my parents live there. It is really super close to the metropolis, but still far enough to see fields and woods and a few houses in the small village.

The quietness and the smells are what makes you forget the city stress. Two or three days there in the countryside, where I do long walks and bike rides are really doing me good. You can watch ducks and dragonflies at the creek behind the house, the cows graze in the pastures…what more do you need to recharge your batteries?

Several years ago I moved away from the countryside and into the city. In the past, I would not have believed how much I would enjoy these nature visits!

written by kleeblatt on 2011-07-22 #places #pinhole #medium-format #cross #square #wide #location #b-w #self-made #wide-lens #escape-from-the-city
translated by jcyx243

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