Analogue Cameras Featured in Longines TVC

It comes as no surprise if you know that Longines has the oldest registered logo for a watch company. This brand sure knows better than to forget the bygone days.

Analogue cameras have been spotted in a recent TV commercial for Swiss luxury watches, Longines. In the commercial, professional tennis players as well as World No.1 title holders, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, are holding what looks like a vintage video camera (the body screams of moving parts) and a possible Leica M4.

Poignant and amusingly ironic, the TVC shows children daydreaming about their future while the Tennis couple preserve their youth with old cameras.

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written by sleepswimming on 2011-06-23 #news #lomography #news #analogue-camera #tvc #longines #andre-agassi #steffi-graf

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