Great Starter Camera - The Smena 8M

Looking for a camera where you have complete control with an easy interface? The Smena 8M is for you!

This camera is perfect for a first time user or someone looking to switch it up a little bit. Everything written about the saturation the lens provides is true. The thing about this camera is that it really doesn’t matter what type of film you use the results are always pleasing. All of my favorite shots have come from 200 ISO cheap film.

There are weather symbols on the ring of the camera to help you decide what exposure to set it to. There is plenty of information to be found online about setting up your camera for the desired effect. As I said before it’s a great starter camera, not only is it cheap but it really helps you understand the basic fundamentals of film photography. Not to mention the ability of a “B” setting for long exposures, and the shutter cock is decoupled from the film advance for multiple exposures.

Don’t be discouraged at first, because usually out of a roll of film there are about 6 good shots. That may sound pretty upsetting, but when pictures turn out they turn out DAMN good.

In conclusion, the Smena is great cheap camera that gives you all the options of a higher dollar camera. The lens gives awesome saturation and color. My advice: pick this camera up with the cheapest film you can find and find out what works for you.

written by thomhudson on 2008-12-21 #gear #review #smena-8m #cheap #starter-camera #lomo-smena

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