Sweet Escape to Tidung Island


Tidung Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands. This island consists of two regions, named ‘Tidung Besar’ and ‘Tidung Kecil’, which is connected by a bridge. There is no one living in ‘Tidung Kecil’, so ‘Tidung Kecil’ still looks natural and a favorite tourism spot. There are 4.250 people live in Tidung Island, majority of them are Moslem – copied from Experiencing Tidung (http://experiencingtidung.com/general-information)

That morning was so great for us (me & 8 other friends), because we’re escaping from crowded Jakarta for 2 days to Tidung Island. It took about 2.5 hours from Muara Angke Harbour to get there by ship.

FYI, we just needed to pay about IDR.300.000 – for our roundtrip tickets, homestay (2 days), meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), barbeque, bicycle, snorkeling (tools & boat) and guide tip. It’s all paid off when we arrived at the clean and neat island. Ah, I feel so grateful.

After receiving our welcome drinks called “Kelapa Muda”, we started biking off to the west end of the island. These are some pictures. Sadly, I used 400 ISO on a sunny day. :(

We went back for lunch and had some rest before snorkeling time but I don’t know, I couldn’t close my eyes, it feels like I just wasted my time. :D

And finally, it’s snorkeling time, cihuuuy (psst…I can’t swim, haha). Besides snorkeling, diving, and other water sports and activities, one favorite spot is ‘Jembatan Cinta‘ (Bridge of Love) which connects two regions of Tidung Island.

In ‘Jembatan Cinta’, we enjoyed the beautiful and exotic view of the sunrise and sunset, and we could also jump (almost 8 meters) from the bridge to the sea, testing our bravery and nerves.

Day 2: We woke up earlier to see the sunrise and walked through the bridge to Tidung Kecil.

Going back to homestay, breakfast, and prepared to go back home. What?! Did I say go back home? Oh no, that’s the hardest part of being a traveler: going home. :((

I promise, I’ll visit u again Tidung, another time. (crosses my finger)

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