Lomography Color Negative ISO 100 120

Photos taken at dusk with this slow speed film produces pastel cool colors!

Although slow ISO such as 100 should be shot in bright sun light, I used Lomography Color Negative 100 120 film in my Holga at dusk.

I was in downtown Philadelphia and nighttime was starting to approach and I did not have any batteries in my flash and I was not ready to stop taking photos. I switched my camera to bulb mode and tried to keep my hands as still as possible.

I was nervous to how the pictures would turn out since I took them in such low lighting with a slow film speed, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The pictures turned out to have cool pastel type tones to them, which usually CN ISO 100 films do not have but instead usually have bold colors when taken in bright sunlight.

Give it a go!

written by aprilrich427 on 2011-06-29 #gear #medium-format #120 #review #cn #100-iso #lomography #lomography-color-negative #user-review

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