Clair de Rêve

The secret place I’d like to tell you about is a shop, in the center of my home town called Paris. The place is

The secret place I’d like to tell you about is a shop, in the center of my home town called Paris. The place is
called the “Clair de Rêve”, located on the island Saint Louis. This treasure is the perfect reproduction of the
Pinocchio story, including puppets and a real Gepetto working the wood in front of you, with his little glasses
on his tired eyes.Front of this shop is dangerous for lomographers. The amount of pics you would like to take in
front of this tiny circus of toys is unbelievable. Once, a finger pressed the release button of an old Russian
camera that a bunch of mad austrians decided to put back in front of the world. The story that followed is above
all you could have ever expected.

The resulting picture, published on a site named “lomography”, was discovered by a young princess, made of sand
and wool, while talking to the stars on her island of Sicily. She didn’t know yet what was happening to her,
but the sensation that pervaded her at the exact moment she saw the shot was so warm that she couldn’t stay calm.
She decided to get in touch with the guy that took this pic. He was from France, the country she loved above all.
They began to write, to talk, and as fast as a star falls from the sky, they realized they were sharing the same
taste for imagination and dreams. They invented a new language, were spending nights of travelling, with the eyes
half-closed, and the paperwall of their photographs as a playground. During all these months, one was omnipresent
in the thoughts of the other …..

But still, they were strangers. Suddenly, fate decided to send the girl to Paris. Of course, for her, the trip
to Paris was reminding the guy she met on the Lomo-site, about the pic of the tiny shop, on the island of Saint
Louis. But she was questioning herself, and was not sure the guy would like to meet her. So, as her imagination
was wider than a forest, she found the way. She went to the shop called “Clair de Reve” where the magical picture
had been taken, and asked the local Gepetto if she could leave in front of his shop a little marionette she had made
herself, with a message attached to it – just like a message in a bottle thrown in the sea. After that she entered
the lomo-site and left a coded message to her french fellow, hoping he would understand. As he read it, without
hesitation, he flew to the shop and found the note. From here, and as an answer, he decided to do so. He left some
notes, codes, objects in secret places, and gave clues to the young lady on the lomo site. They used to call this
game “the quest of playground”, the playground was the whole Paris. Both of them was finding the treasures left
by the other, but still never seeing each other……………… and then, and then, well, I let your imagination
work a bit, because this is the moral ……….

Does this story above sound like a fairytale? Well, this is just our true story. Me, Agaltier and her,
Verastra, now sharing our lives in Paris, because of a photo-site, because of a pic, because of toy-shop,
because our imagination is so real.

written by agaltier on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #streets #location

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