East of Brighton is the scenic seaside town of Eastbourne. With its historic pier, Victorian town and alongside the famous Beachy Head Cliff it remains an interesting part of Sussex county.

Primarily a tourist town, Eastbourne has several hotels, theatres, arcades, and shops for visitors as well as the pleasure pier. Built in 1870 it is 300 metres long and interestingly hosts a camera obscura which was restored in 2003. A possible must-see for Lomographic and photographic fans. The pier also has the usual arcades, shops, food, and even a nightclub.

The main town has a population of close to 100,000. A few interesting shops and a shopping centre are located near the sea front. On the day we visited there was a quite nice Italian food market running near the pier. We also had some great coffee whilst on the beach (even though it was quite breezy).

It is also worth noting that the recent remake of the film (based on the novel) Brighton Rock was filmed in Eastbourne due to its original, Victorian style and look still surviving today.

I went with my girlfriend, Ida, and my parents and generally was an interesting town to visit with my LC-A and Eximus Wide & Slim cameras. About 45 minutes from Brighton although also accessible from bus or train.

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  1. james_taylor
    james_taylor ·

    i grew up there, it a very depressing and increasing run town with a high chav count. But if you like countryside walk its at the foot of the south downs national park which i do recommend.

  2. james_taylor
    james_taylor ·

    sorry about the spelling it was very late when i wrote it

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