Brighton Pier

Located at the end of the Grand Parade, Brighton Pier is the centre point for the Brighton seafront. Hosting rides, food, and amusements for the majority of the year it is a prominent feature of this seaside city.

The only pier in Brighton in use following the West Pier being severely damaged by fires and storms after closing in 1975 (also partially demolished last year). It hosts some amusement arcades, shops, bars, food takeaways (donuts!) and many rides including dodg’ems, helter skelter, and small roller coasters.

Opened in 1899 as a replacement for the destroyed Chain Pier it originally hosted a concert hall then theatre. Partially damaged in the 1970s, the theatre was removed.

I live in Brighton and occasionally visit the pier with friends and family. Partly so we can see some cool views of Brighton but also spend some pennies in the arcades. Silly fun. Also the fresh, hot donuts are worth trying (at least once) for a true seaside experience.

I have used my LC-A, Eximus, Holga and Zenit 11 all around and near Brighton and often the pier (or burnt out West Pier) feature. As they do in many Lomographs.

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