Park of the Dead

Religion, nature and…beer! These three factors make an almost perfect combination, which Park of the Dead offers. In this place you will find a lounge bar open all day and the owner is also a lover of Lomography.

Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday all-day, in the morning or in the evening of the remaining weeks, it doesn’t matter as it is always worth going to the Park of the Dead. From an old recovered sidewalk, the Church of Sto. Augustine (which was also recovered) gives us a warm welcome to the Park Sto. Augustine also known as “Park of the Dead”. What a name! Well, it’s not really a big secret and I will explain the reason behind it’s eerie name. The park used to be a burial site which was eventually relocated, giving way to our Lomographer friend, Mauro’s lounge.

Aside from a nice cafe, you will be able to have fun and even attempt some somersaults in the grass, play with the dog and the kids, or interact with the artworks (and scarecrow) on display. I advise the “sheep” of wood – they’re crazy! You’ll also find a lake near the church; a lake filled with water lilies. Classic but unusual. There’s also a river on the other side. In fact, at this point the river flows strongly enough that we can find a water wheel being used in the past to power some paper mills.

So if you’re thinking of taking your family to a nice place with lots of space to relax and place without going away from the city center, this park is the answer.

As for me, it’s time to go home. But it surely won’t be long before I return to the park to indulge in the humble, but charming lounge. It’s a great place to be in, making me wish that I was just living nearby.

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