S. Pedro Forest


Spring and summer vacations would not be complete without them. We go to the forest of S. Pedro de Moel near Leiria, to rekindle our family ties or to just spend a relaxed moment with our loved ones.

Here comes the sun, reaching high temperatures and tradition emerges. On your way to the beach, you must make a stop at the forest of S. Pedro de Moel. If the previous day wasn’t so great especially for the adventures of the alcoholic, you can wake up early enough to be in the small forest by morning to spread out the blankets, distribute food and drinks and enjoy a good picnic. A classic moment that appeals to both the young and old. If last night was filled with high doses of alcohol (oh joy) this may be the solution for you. The shadow produced by the many trees will be warm enough for a nice nap and its waters are fresh enough to perk up anyone. Just don´t fall on the rocks!

Stuff to bring: blanket, food, drinks, plates, cutlery, and a good disposition.

It’s always best to go early, earlier than the lunch hour. So better get ready, fill up your picnic basket, and enjoy looking for a nice spot in the small forest.

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    Great Locations & gallery. N1!

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