Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is the central public square in Querétaro. Having a central public square, or squares (as in the case of Querétaro) is perhaps, the defining feature of Spanish colonial urban design. Any and every city, town, village will have its central squares. During colonial times, these were where most businesses happened, both public and private. This isn’t true anymore, of course, but the public squares still hold the best and worst of civic life in the cities and towns of Mexico.

The great landed families once had their mansions on the square. Today, these mansions are now hotels, restaurants, government agencies, etc. – there are no great landed families left. There are great business and political families. They have their mansions in the suburbs, just like in the States. This leaves the Plaza de Armas open for us lowlifes.

Plaza de Armas is one of Mexico’s important historical sites. It was the scene of the conspiracy to overthrow the Spanish in 1810, which grew into the revolution of independence years later. Schoolkids and their teachers are permanent visitors here, to give the kids some background in the nation’s history.

A lowlife guy waiting to scam money off tourists with junk handicrafts.
A couple taking a stroll on Sunday morning. It a popular pastime: after church, have an ice cream and gawk at your neighbors and tourists.
Girls at night. Young girls love to go downtown on Saturday night to show off their clothes and great bodies. Note the evil eye on the girl in the middle.
The public square is sometimes the only place where young couples can get together.
Walking the dog is a great way to meet people here and everywhere.
For some reason, Friday nights are kids’ nights at Plaza de Armas. Above are some kids practicing tribal dancing. Look it up on Google or wait for my next location about tribal dancing (sometimes spelled “trival” because nobody cares about correct spelling anymore.)
Beautiful morenita mexicana with a Mexican Pink scarf.
Some couples are more interested in the free WiFi that the city provides in all of its main squares than in each other.
Young girls talking. It always seems like a fascinating conversation judging from their body language. But we’ll never know what they’re talking about. If you asked them, they’d just say, “Nothing. Girl stuff.” They don’t know that the “girl stuff” is not “nothing”. In fact, it’s everything, if you’ve missed out on it.
Constant danger for a weirdo with a weird camera: getting the evil eye.
Double exposure of Plaza de Armas (passing in front of the Tourism office).
Soccer ball in Plaza de Armas
Palacio de Gobierno/Casa de la Corregidora
Kids hanging out.
Girls making plans.
Smiles. Unusual in my experience. Mostly I get the evil eye.
The “Dog Fountain” at Plaza de Armas. In the background are some of the old colonial mansions that ring the Plaza.

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