The Great LC-A+ Customisation Competition: Winner Announcement Update


A few weeks ago we announced the winner of our amazing LC-A+ Customisation Competition – But there’s been a big twist in the tale, read on to find out how the competition is wide open all over again!

Mr. Sid was thrilled to have been picked as the winner of The Great LC-A+ Customisation Competition. However, unfortunately he has had to turn down the prize for personal reasons – He is really sad that he had to make this decision and that he won’t be able to collaborate with us on the unique LC-A+ camera – But he doesn’t want to keep the chance from someone else who also deserves to win!

This means that the competition will return to the judging panel and a new winner will be decided on as soon as possible – We’re sorry to disappoint all of you who liked Mr. Sid design but hopefully you’ll love the new winner we pick too – If you missed the original winner announcement, these are the designs in contention for the grand prize:

Designs by alvarejo, cakebones, deniselai, hello_k_95600, lkfgjh, miamivice, viska, and Frauke Brenner

So stay tuned folks! We will try and announce a new winner as soon as possible!

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  1. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    I really like the 8th one a lot! It is extremely eye-catching and awakes curiosity!

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    the one of frauke brenner reminds me of the coca cola advertisement... i like #6

  3. caromi
    caromi ·

    ahh, that's too bad for Mr Sid! With number 6, it would be super cool if it came with all three colours so you could change the outfit of the LC-A depending on your own outfit...

  4. iaki
    iaki ·

    number 1!!! I love it with the bird!

  5. santorinihippie
    santorinihippie ·

    I like 7/8 or 8/8 A LOT.

  6. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    i like number 4! Its groovy :) but i also like the idea of number 6...

  7. dogma
    dogma ·

    #1 and #8 are amazing!

  8. ilfrusta
    ilfrusta ·

    The 8th is absolutely stunning!!

  9. svala
    svala ·

    I think no.2 is a much more elegant approach to the whole hand drawn eye theme than no.8. My favorite is no.6 though, would love to have it in those colours.

  10. deedeet
    deedeet ·


  11. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    I want the birds!

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