LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens: The Perfect Partner


LC-A+ with the wide-angle lens are the perfect partners for me to walk around and shot the happy moments. A must have accessory for LC-A+.

The LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens expands the focal length of LC-A+ from 32mm to 20mm! The magic 20mm is just amazing. When looking thru the viewfinder and snap a picture, everything in view of 120 degree will be in 4:3 format pictures.

Credits: guitarleo

Distortion is unavoidable for wide-angle lens, but I love the distortion result. Straight horizon line become curving from left to right. A straight building becomes a giant, round and fat at the bottom with a small head at the top.

Credits: guitarleo

Focus distance become shorter after attached with the wide angle lens. The shortest focus distance is 0.35m, which means that you can get closer to your subject. When you take self portrait, everything behind you are just right in the picture. This is also good when you want to take group photo without any helping hands.

Credits: guitarleo

Because of wide, so please watch out your finger. Maybe you will snap in your finger too without your notice.

Credits: guitarleo

Actually, the wide-angle lens is a bit heavy and the size of camera become bigger after attached with the lens, but after get the photos from the lab, you know this is worth.

written by guitarleo on 2011-06-30 #gear #travel #landscape #wide-angle #self-portrait #review #group #accessory #lomography #user-review #requested

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