Intentional Multiple Exposures

Sometimes I see multiple exposure shots and they look jumbled and crazy. And while I have some of those, I wondered what it would be like to create very intentional multiple exposures. It is possible to be as intentional with these as it is with a single shot. With analogue photography, we all know what it’s like not to want to waste the shot!

First of all, know what you are after. If you see something you want to shoot, then figure out if it would be best served in a traditional multiple exposure shot or winding the film to half-exposures. For action shots, wind your film half-frame. You’ll get a nice panoramic shot! Yes, these things are technically different and you could argue that film forwarding is a different thing altogether from multiple exposures, you need to know which one serves your purpose so that you don’t lose the chance at an incredible shot! If you advance your frames, don’t send out your film unless you give them specific instructions not to cut the negatives! You need to decide where you want that image to end. Most of all, enjoy shooting!

written by puechnerbooks on 2011-07-08 #gear #tutorials #experiment #multiple-exposure #tipster #lomography #holga #quickie-tipster

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