Sardina Launch Party Recap @ Lomography Embassy Store Bratislava

La Sardina has reached the shores of Bratislava bay. To welcome her we organized an unforgettable party in sailor’s style at the Bratislava Lomography Embassy and we truely believe we broke the world record in having the most striped clothes per square meter! Have a look yourself:

It is amazing how much a little can of sardines can do. La Sardina has changed the embassy into a fish market, the ambassador believes he is a captain and a parks a yacht inside the embassy and people come to check out the new cameras as they were fresh fish.

The launch party has attracted probably all sailors from the region and we have probably broken the world record in most striped shirts on a square meter. What more to mention? A live band, fish fingers, rum, sailing, party fun…

And we don’t want to leave out mentioning our special guests: Even the police heard about the party and paid a visit to the store! (Don’t worry, no one was arrested, but the party had to end finally…)
Unbelievable what a small sardine can inspired camera can make out of an ordinary Thursday evening!

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