LomoAmiga Amanda Thomas and Her LC-A+ Diary


Avid blogger and Lomography aficionado from New Zealand, Amanda Thomas showcases her LC-A+ diary that finds beauty in the daily moments…

Can you introduce yourself to our Lomography audience?
Hi, my name is Amanda, I’m 24 years old and from New Zealand. I write a blog called Here Comes the Sun .

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you get into this whole thing?
I’ve only been a Lomographer for just under a year so I still have a lot to learn! But it’s such a fun process and I am enjoying the journey. I got into it through my blog – a lot of my readers were already Lomographers and as soon as the Diana Mini in white came out I knew I had to have it. Since then I’ve also acquired the Holga 135BC, which I love. And now I can’t get enough of shooting film and experimenting with different cameras.

Describe, if you can, your personal shooting style. Are you a classic snap shooter, experimental lab rabbi or just plain up for everything?
I’m still figuring out what my shooting style is! I’m a bit of a mix. I have part of me that doesn’t want to over think things but just point and shoot, and part of me loves setting up scenes and props and backdrops. I guess it depends on the day.

Describe the Lomo LC-A+ camera in five words.
A little slice of heaven

Who is your favorite photographer?
Most of my favourites I have found through blogging. I really enjoy Ann He, Annette Pehrsson, Carissa Gallo and Chelsea Jade Metcalf. But there are plenty more as well.

If you can recommend three songs that go with your photos, what would they be? (Song/Artist)
“23” by Jimmy Eat World
“Good Day Sunshine” by the Beatles
“You and I” by Avalanche City

Who would you want to photograph the most (dead or alive)?
I would love to have been one of the lucky ones to capture the Beatles on film in the 60’s.

Given a bag of films and flight ticket, where would you go and why?
Anywhere in Asia! Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Korea… it all just intrigues me so much – the culture, the people, the food, the history. You could get some incredible stories in your photos.

Do you have a particular subject that you repetitively go back to shoot?
My favourite thing to shoot is when the husband and I have a day off together. We take a bunch of cameras and film with us and document whatever we get up to, whether it’s a picnic, a walk in the park or going out for hot chocolate. I am lucky that my husband has gotten just as into film photography as I have so it’s something we can enjoy together and share tips on.

Recommend the most Lomographic place in New Zealand! Where should Lomographers go to shoot?
New Zealand is such a beautiful country and there are so many great places that would look wonderful captured on film. One of my personal favourite places for a photoshoot is One Tree Hill in Auckland. Instead of driving to the look out at the top, we like to wander around the fields at the bottom, they’re so great for photos – rolling meadows, old stone walls, huge trees that bend over the road toward each other. It really is a sight to see.

Do you have any advice for those who are looking to get into the world of analogue photography?
Just go for it. A lot of the time it’s trial and error, but once you begin you’ll see it’s really addictive.

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