Lubitel and Sprocket Holes, Tungsten Slides

Even though I have been using my Lubitel 166+ for a while, I used to take mostly 120mm pictures. Yet, it will be a waste if I don’t use the extended function of Lubitel 166+ that other Lubitel cameras don’t have, that is, the use of 35mm films that take photos with sprocket holes.

Since I am quite confident of the quality of pictures taken by Lomo Lubitel 166+, I use it for E6 processing instead of cross-processing. I loaded it with a roll of expired tungsten film Kodak 160T and took it to the park.

I am quite satisfied with the result since they look really different from the cross-processing pictures which are saturated in colours. Since Kodak 160T is a tungsten film, the dominant colour of pictures is blue. As the film has expired, the colour is a bit light. The combination is pictures of vintage.

Credits: sebastiansiu

I have already loaded it with another roll of film and will experiment different shutter speed and apertures, looking forward to surprising results.

written by sebastiansiu on 2011-06-28 #gear #review #tungsten #sprocket-holes #lubitel #e6 #lubitel-166 #kodak #user-review #requested #160t #blue-slides

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